Dr Crimsontine Valejestic CSD
Creative Director & Community Leader

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Community Guidelines

Out of respect for the Crimsontine brand, Dr Crim CSD's personal belief systems and all such related communities, these rules should be followed closely and community-wide.


Where enabled by platforms, Auto-Mod and Bot-Mods may be set to Level 5 Maximum Moderation and some Mod icons may be hidden. Moderators (aka. Mods; human mods, platform mods or software mods) may timeout or permaban, so careful out there folks.

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Chat Rules

English only; I only speak English
(use a translator, Google or Papago)

no drama
no links
no all CAPS
no spamming/trolling
no self or business promotion

no comparisons with other creators
(incl. followers, viewer counts, etc.)

no calling out lurkers; chat is optional
(lurkers are viewers/supporters, too)

no spoilers/backseat gaming
(unless stated otherwise)

no swearing/hurtful speech
no explicit references

no substance use/abuse
(like alcohol, drugs or tobacco ref.)

no religion/politics in chat
no propaganda/conspiracy theory

no private/personal discussions
(chat is a privilege and a public space)
(respect everyone's privacy; everyone)
(incl. mine and even your own)

no trauma dumping/oversharing
no discrimination of any kind
no cyberbullying or harassment
no disrupting the positive flow

no inappropriate usernames
(change name or new account)

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Happily Married

Thanks for showing so much support and affection!

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Code of Ethics

Genuine Christian, Political Neutrality

Do not engage in arguments or disputes over viewpoints.


Crim's personal expressions can be found here, under 'Spirituality' and at, but overwhelmed, I am unable to offer any further teaching or Bible discussion, online. So...


I ask that you respect my belief systems, but you are in no way obligated to adopt such as your own, our community exists outside and beyond all such things. Such is merely provided to help you gain a better understanding of the core values that I stand for and the unique code of ethics that ride behind my daily choices and decision making.

Granted, I am imperfect. So, please do forgive me, and I do forgive you, too.

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Additionally, on platforms that allow for text, audio, video and/or image sharing, please refrain from sharing explicit content, and in all its forms. Specifically: Do not share pornography, nudity, partial nudity and/or sexualized content, even if nonsexualized and easteticly focused, or the inappropriate results of AI (artificial intelligence) using my branding or otherwise likeness. Do not share content where real life war and/or objects of warfare are the primary focus of such content, including graphic depictions of blood, gore and extreme violence, as found in some video games. Some exceptions may be made for fishing and hunting games, and to allow for fishing and hunting in real life. Moderate rated 'T' for Teen 'toon violence' may also be tolerable, such as the milder depictions of action-adventure and space combat as found in some video games. In general, explicit, graphic, sensitive and extreme are really beyond my interests and the scope of this community. See Terms for a better grasp on what is expected of you and considered acceptable here, such as our attempts towards family-friendly content.

One word of caution though: Some platforms do allow for sensitive content (NSFW: "Not Safe For Work") and that's why I have placed these behind sensitive content warnings in my Linktree. However, such content can still be accessed through other platforms (normally considered SFW: "Safe For Work"). So, although I do not create sensitive content, I do suggest you set your content filters appropiately. Be safe, Dreamer!

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